Our Alliances

PKF, Certified Public Accountants - www.pkfcalifornia.com

Christine Skoczek is a consultant with the San Diego office of PKF, Certified Public Accountants, offering tax planning and compliance services.


Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) - www.dfaus.com

DFA implements our recommended passive investment approach via funds designed to capture market "dimensions" in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner.


BAM Advisor Services (BAM) - www.bamadvisornetwork.com

BAM Advisor Services helps independent Registered Investment Advisor firms who share a common approach to the highest standard of client service in starting, building and managing their organizations. Before starting her own firm, Chris identified the need to establish "best practices" for her business, including establishing alliances with some of the best companies in the financial services industry. To that end, Chris established a strategic alliance with BAM, which brings a powerful team approach to your investment experience. This alliance provides important benefits to our clients, including additional professional expertise, cost-effective solutions, and administrative support. BAM was founded in 1997, is located in St. Louis, Missouri and serves a nationwide base of more than 100 independent advisors like our firm.


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